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Assembly- IV B Food Glorious Food on 21st Oct. 16

Inter House Quiz - Std. III on 20th October 2016

Solar Cooker made by Std. V on 19th October 2016

Assembly Theme of Success by IV A on 17th Oct. 16

Workshop on Green Planet - Std VI 14th Oct. 2016

Second Session of the Space Club Program-7th Oct.

First Session of the Space Club Program on 5th Oct

Conserve My Planet Workshop on 5th October 2016

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan by Std. II on 3rd Oct. 16

Story Reading - Pre Primary on 15th Sept. 16

Workshop on CMP 2016 on 9th September 2016

Assembly - Fun ways to spend a week by - II A

Projects done by students under Ms. Lillian

Assembly - Festival of Joy on 26th August 16 - 1 C

Road Safety Collage making competition - V to VIII

Assembly - Road Safety - Std. V B - 22nd August 16

Road to Leadership workshop - by Sweccha - 20-8-16

Assembly - Flowers by Std. I B on 19th August 2016

Rakhi Making - Std. III & IV on 16th August 16

Fancy Dress - Prep I to Std. II on 12th August 16

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