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Pratapgarh Trip on 9th December 2019

Joyful Learning - III C and IV C

Joyful Learning - Prep II B and C

Joyful Learning - 3R`s - Class 2 A & B

Joyful Learning - Books - Class 3 A & B

Trip to Pratapgarh

Joyful Learning A Day in School - 30.11.2019

Trip to Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum Class IX

BMW - Road Safety Workshop on 28.11.2019

Movie Show - Lion Kind

Joyful Learning A Day in School

Art Exhibition at Surendra Paul Art Gallery

Climate Change and Solutions by Dr Amrita Bahl

Air Quality monitoring session by MRTB and PURPOSE

Indian Navy Counselling Workshop on 7th November 2019

Vigilance week activity

National Unity Pledge on 31st October 2019

My Right to Breathe on 25.10.2019

Cultural Exchange Interaction with Ms Judith Brown

Cello Handwriting Workshop for class V and VIII on 21st October 2019

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