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Toyota Safety Education Programme 2018-19 

Dear Parent,
Bloom Public School has initiated The Toyota Safety Education Programme (TSEP) which is an interactive learning programme on road safety, to equip students with the knowledge and awareness required to keep them as safe as possible on the roads.
This programme for our school children is aimed at imparting training in road safety awareness, emergency preparedness & response to the students in an age-appropriate way, using the graded model of learning. The objective of the programme is to empower the students with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude to help shape them into responsible road users.
The programme will provide:

  • A platform for the school to interact with a community of schools who share the same agenda of promoting road safety in the country 
  • Opportunities for multi-stakeholder partnerships like the traffic police, UN agencies, road safety organizations, etc. 
  • Opportunity to the students to participate in the State Level and the National Level closing event to be held in Delhi, ensuring recognition of the school at the State and National level as a safe road school. 
    Bloom Public School has been rated amongst the top 100 schools in the country -Education World September 2018
    Bloom Public School has been rated amongst the top 10 schools of South West Delhi -Times Survey 2018

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