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 Dear Readers, 
There’s plenty to enjoy and feel happy about the month of
November. It reminds us of the most important festival-------DIWALI. This is the time of the year when you go on a shopping spree. It is the Festival of Lights but  now  has become the Festival of Pollution. 
So let’s all take a pledge to enjoy a pollution free Diwali in 2018!

For classes 3rd to 5thth

Draft Posters to illustrate the ill effects of Diwali on our environment .

 For Classes 6th to 9th

How do you plan to make this Diwali  Pollution free?


We also welcome sketches/self-composed poems/articles on any topic of your choice for ‘MY CREATIVE CORNER.’
ALL ENTRIES TO REACH US BY 15th November 2018 at
There is lots to see and do in November month in India. The month comprises of some of the most significant  festivals of the country. The weather in this month starts becoming more cool and dry.  This month also incorporates some elating fairs that highlight unique traditions and characteristics of diverse Indian culture. The whole nation remains busy in celebrating different rejuvenating and auspicious fairs and festivals in this exuberant festive month. But along with these celebrations comes a lot of pollution. Such pollution happens every year, as offices and business houses shut down for India's biggest gift-giving holiday and many gather outdoors to set off powerful rockets at all hours of the night. Yes it’s Diwali we are talking about. Diwali is a lovely festival of lights, but the fireworks cause a lot of pollution, which is adding to the degradation of the environment. 
This pollution is like poison for all of us. And that is why we should all be held responsible for this state of our surroundings.  It’s high time that we all wake up. We should take up this responsibility by taking an initiative------- not to burst crackers and fireworks, even if it is  for just one day.  As denizens of India, we all must take a pledge to help protect our environment and to save our future generations. Let’s make an effort to breathe some fresh air. 

Crackers, crackers everywhere
No one to take care
No one has sound sleep 
As  pollution makes the earth weep

We are inhaling polluted  air
So there’s breathing problem everywhere

But our intention is still, why should “we” care?

Crackers are cocktails
people are under the effect of its intoxication
No doubt, Diwali is the festival of lights
So we first need to enlighten our mind
Look into the menace
And say a big NO to crackers!!!!!
We are sure  you  will keep your promise and take a pledge to celebrate a greener and fresh Diwali . Here’s wishing you all A Very Very Happy, Safe and Green Diwali………
So dear readers, let’s see  how our students have expressed their ways of celebrating Diwali this 2018…………….. 
Best Regards,

  Editorial Team

Questions for the Survey


Dear Readers, 
The month of 
OCTOBER reminds us of  a very exuberant time in India. The huge number of festivals in October in India makes it a joyous month .The spirits are high, lots of family time is on the cards, and meals are nothing short of a feast.  The monsoon rain has eased in most places, and the festival season is in full swing! Starting from  Dusshera and Navratri puja, the festive mood lingers on till Diwali and Bhai Dooj. It seems as if festvity is in the air. So children enjoy this October  with lights, music, and dance.

For classes 3rd to 5thth
How do you plan to celebrate Dusshera this month..?
For Classes 6th to 9th
How do you think the celebration of Festivals have changed over the Years ?

We also welcome sketches/self-composed poems/articles on any topic of your choice for ‘MY CREATIVE CORNER.’

ALL ENTRIES TO REACH US BY 15th of October 2018 at

OCTOBER is in and is almost the end of the year 
The month rings in festivals
Weather is pleasant  And a lot of enjoyment is around.  

 Everybody wants to sing and dance 
Relish sweets and savories.
So we look forward to this month
As it brings in warmth and goodwill. 


India is a land of diversity and festivals are celebrated with fervour. October ushers in a season of festivities that is both religious and social in nature marked with fun and enthusiasm.
So, C2 wants its readers to be aware of the festivals which are there in the month of: 
Gandhi Jayanti (October 2, 2018), Sharad Navratri (October 10, 2018), Durga Puja Festival (October 18, 2018), Dussehra (October 19, 2018), Kojagari Lakshmi Puja (October 23, 2018)  
So, dear readers, let’s  see  how our students have expressed their ways of enjoying festivals. 
In  Indian culture, there was a time when there used to be a festival every day of the year – 365 festivals in a year – because a festival is a tool to bring life to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm. That was the significance and importance of festivals. Festivals were different and differently celebrated across all the regions, depending upon that region’s geographical and climatic conditions. In the olden times, festivals meant break from school, time to feast, get new clothes, toys and catch up with your near and dear ones. 
 Diwali would be the time when our parents would be saving up to buy some new things for the house. Back then there was certain  a kind of innocence linked to the way in 
which we celebrated  festivals. It was more inclusive and even people with limited means could join in and enjoy the festivities. 
But with time, the advent of globalization and a booming economy has had an impact on the way of our festivals celebrations today. Today people have better pay and can afford to enjoy the luxury of buying new clothes, gadgets etc. throughout the year rather than wait for the festivals to make such purchases. Festivals have today become a time to flaunt your riches. Festivals celebrations have become more self-centered and are  moving away from its traditions. It is more of instant gratification now. The traditional way of festival celebrations is slowly taking a backseat now. The simple things that would give us pleasure in celebrating festivals back then no longer enthuse us now. Today the equation has shifted towards money. People are forgetting the true value and essence of celebrating festivals. All in all, we see that there is a huge difference in the people and the ways in which they celebrate festivals. So we should never forget that the true joy of festivals is by celebrating it together, not with wealth!

Celebrating festivals changed over the years: 
In Indian culture there was a time when there used to be a festival every day. According to the Hindu calendar, each day signifies different gods and goddesses, so according to each one’s faith and belief in a particular God- each day was a festival. For example- people celebrated poorn mashi, ekadshi etc which fall every day of the month, apart from the other festivals like Holi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi etc. Earlier, these festivals were a joint family celebrations where it was carried on as a family ritual, according to their religions and passed on from generations to generations. But the scenario has changed now, as people of all religions celebrate festivals of each other’s community for example- a Christian will celebrate Diwali with the same enthusiasm as a Hindu will celebrate.
Thus, bringing together people from all walks of life. But at the same time it has become a trend to flaunt your riches by the upper class, thus creating disparity. And because of this celebrations have become more self-centered and moving away from its tradition. The traditional way of celebrating festivals has taken a back seat and the equation has shifted towards more money- grand celebrations. At some point of time people will forget the reason behind all these festivals and their traditional ways of celebrating festivals. Traditional 
festivals will lose their charm to Valentine’s day, Father’s day, Mother’s day etc all commercially driven. The good old ways of celebrating festivals were far better than the ugly show of wealth that our celebrations have transformed into. It is truly said that “ Change is the only constant but, somethings are better unchanged”.

(Bhavya Arya-8B)
Festivals are not only some religious celebration but it is like a party where people who have not met for years or for a while act like they are really happy to meet each other whereas from inside everybody's like "aise toh he does not have time to do my work  but he has the time to come here,  achhaaaaa".But festivals are also that time of the year when we once in a while enjoy with our relatives otherwise it is like "ye Kyun aaya hai"...I personally enjoy festivals alot and celebrate them with my family and friends.At this time of the year we eat alot, we play alot , we enjoy alot and  we have to do some unnecessary trash talk with our relatives as well. You can't deny it because we all have done it alot. But festivals are actually very popular in all parts of the country which may be because of many reasons but festivals are a way of enjoyment and that's  what is important. Why do we celebrate festivals only at certain times of the year why not everyday.

Some great person once said that:

Life is a festival , celebrate it every day, today it is there, tomorrow it might not be...

And that great person is me... Bhavya Arya...





Dear Readers,
The month of SEPTEMBER reminds us of one important day and that’s 5th September which is celebrated as TEACHERS DAY all over India.  So please put in your best efforts to express your emotions and thoughts for your teacher’s  in any way you want. 


For classes 3rd to 5thth
Which teacher is your role model and why?
Write a poem  on your favourite teacher?
For Classes 6th to 9th
How do you think the role of a teacher has changed over the years?

We also welcome sketches/self-composed poems/articles on any topic of your choice for ‘MY CREATIVE CORNER.’
ALL ENTRIES TO REACH US BY 15th of September 2018 at

Teachers are dedicated towards education
Not only because it is their passion
But also for the children’s liberation.
They are sincere, kind and have warm feelings
They guide and protect us under their wings.
They instruct, encourage and make us believe
That there’s nothing in life we cannot achieve.
They never think about their future and time
They work to protect us from conflicts and crime
So it’s time for all of us to get together
And wish and say


5th of September is the birth anniversary of our earlier President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who had requested to celebrate his birthday as the teachers day to respect teachers all over India. He was very fond of the teaching profession. ...Teacher's day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by the students.
  On the occasion of Teachers Day, C2 would like to highlight on the importance of teachers in a student’s life
Students all across the country observe this day to pay respect to their teachers. It is truly said that teachers are like back bone of our society. They play a great role in building up the characters of students and shape them to become ideal citizens of India.
Teachers teach students carefully and sincerely just like their own children. Teachers are greater than parents. Parents give birth to a child whereas teachers shape his/her character and make their future bright. Thus students should never forget their contribution and should never ignore them.  Parents are responsible for giving their children love and quality care but  teachers are responsible for making their future bright and successful. They let us know the importance of education in our life through their continuous efforts. They are a source of inspiration and help us to go ahead and get success in life. They motivate children towards study by giving examples of great personalities all over the world. They make the children strong enough to withstand any obstacle of  life. They are full of immense knowledge and wisdom, using which they nourish children’s lives. 
So, come on my dear friends, lets say together that we respect teachers and we will always be grateful to them for everything they do for us. 
My dear friends we should always obey our teacher’s orders and follow their advice to be a worthy citizens of India.

It is rightly said:
“A Teacher can open the door,
But you must enter by yourself”
In this fast changing 21st Century world, the concept of teaching  has changed. As part of the changes the teacher’s role and authority in the classroom is also changing. In the past teachers used to be the major source of knowledge, the leader and educator of their students' school life.  They used to be the authority in the class, the main spokesperson and students were only passive listeners.  But nowadays, with  technology coming in there is a shift and teachers have taken the role of a facilitator. Instead of  leading  discussions  and being the loudest voice in the room, a facilitator allows and enables a discussion on a topic to happen whilst remaining neutral themselves. This is important so that children can lead their own learning, and allows them to deeply engage with what they are studying.

Even though the fundamentals on how to teach are shifting and changing with technology and media, one thing never changes. The impact a teacher can have on a child’s life.
‘The role of teachers is of facilitating, inspiring, storytelling, empowering and really seeing the classroom as a team of young individuals, as well as orchestrating the energy in a group. The role of the teacher is extremely important. The role of the teacher cannot be replaced with the rise of technology. 
The teacher is needed to assist and inspire their students, helping them to come to terms with what they are passionate about, discover what goals they want to achieve and to help them realise those aspirations. It also means that the teacher should neither be a passive participant, only facilitating the lessons, nor leading and dominating the conversation. 

S0,dear readers, lets  now go through  how our children have expressed their love and respect for their teachers. 


As we enter the big world, 
Knowing nothing,
They hold our hands like our parents.
As we grow,
Looking  for help,
They offer a hand of friendship.
When we get lost,
And we have no -where to go, 
They become the map of our cities.
Whenever we feel discouraged,
They always become our pillar of hope,
And help us fly higher.
The moment we walk on a wrong path,
They pull us back,
And show the way to a more beautiful path.
They might be tired,
They might be exhausted,
But they never let us know.
They are no one but,
A beautiful thing that god has made,
Someone who plays the role of every person in our lives
Yes, they are our teachers.
    Risha mathur-9th D


My favourite teacher Poem
Shakti ma’am is my favourite teacher 
‘The number one’
I’m happy that you were my teacher
I enjoyed each and every lesson you taught me
As my role model you inspire me
To dream and to work and to reach

With your kindness you got my attention;
Every day you are planting a seed
Of curiosity and motivation
To know and to grow and succeed 

You helped me fulfill my attention;
I’m thankful for all that you’ve done
I admired you each day, and I just want to say,
As a teacher, you are number one!

By Diva Mehta –VA, Bloom Public School

Role of Teachers
Over the last few years, we can say the role of teachers has changed drastically. Earlier teachers mostly used to be models who enforced discipline and strictness on students. Their methods of teaching were harsh and sometimes, violence was used to impart learning. However, with the changing times, teachers and their way of teaching have changed. 
Nowadays, being a teacher is more about being a guide to young children and teaching them moral values and giving them the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. Teachers treat student with love and affection and often, they are like a parent figure in school! 
However, the base of teachers remains the same. They are still the doors to knowledge for us students and will always have a respectful place in the world.

Kirti Bhushan - 9th D 


A teacher is greater than god. It is the teacher who guides us, shows us the path to God, lead us from darkness to light, from gloominess to enlightenment. He/she is our true friend, philosopher and guide. Teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September every year in schools. This is celebrated as it is the birth date of India’s second president, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishna. It is a special day for the appreciation of teachers. It is celebrated in schools and performances are staged like dancing, singing, acting etc which are performed by students. Senior students take the responsibility of teaching, in order to show their appreciation for the hard work that a teacher puts for their students. Students collect money and buy gifts for the teachers. In some schools students garland their teachers as a mark of respect and affection. The government honors the teachers in its own way. Teachers are conferred on ‘State Award’ and ‘National Award’. Students should respect their teachers; great teachers empathize with kids and believe that each kid has something special that can be built upon. Thus 5th September is a perfect day to thank them and wish them a happy teacher’s day. 


Aditi Mukherjee - 4 C

Anvi Sharma - 4 C

Ayanna Kullu - 4 C

Geet Sachar - 5 B

Jiya Ghai - 4 C


Kimaya Shivhare - 3 A



Sanya Chaudhary - 4 C

Satvik - 3 A





Dear Readers, 
The month of AUGUST commemorates the struggle for an independent India.
We can never forget the day -15th August 1947-the day India got its independence.
 So this month will be dedicated to the celebration of India’s 72nd Independence day. 
Gear up your freedom this month as C2 is looking out for the Best Poet and the Best Patriotic Leader in the school.

For classes 7th to 9th

  Which  Entrepreneur leader in India  inspires you and why?


For classes 7th to 9th
  Which  Entrepreneur leader in India  inspires you and why?


We also welcome sketches/self-composed poems/articles on any topic of your choice for ‘MY CREATIVE CORNER.’ALL ENTRIES TO REACH US BY 15th of August 2018 at


India is a land of sages
Also known for bravery since ages
No one can with it compete
As its culture is unique
Be it any religion
All live here in unison.
From the famous rivers and fountains
It is a land of the mighty Himalaya mountains
Flora and Fauna here are in plenty
Resources are in abundance
And they are all a source of prosperity
So, all of us should strive
For its safety and be on guard from depletion

With the arrival of the month of AUGUST we are reminded of the endurance of great martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country. Independence Day is an auspicious occasion for all Indians. August 15 is the most important day in the history of India. It is the day when we got freedom from the British rule after many years of hard struggle by the great freedom fighters of India.
So dear readers, take pride in being an Indian and  read how our children have expressed their love for a liberated and developed India. 


Gandhi and Khaadi

  It was a war that was won without a single gun being fired. The greatest imperialist power in the world was driven away from India by the strength of non violence. The prophet of Ahimsa ‘Gandhi’ made it possible. Apart from being a national leader he was also an entrepreneur and started Swadeshi movement of boycotting English products and popularizing ‘Khadi’. The handwoven or spun yarn was used to make cloth. Mahatma Gandhi started spinning himself and encouraging others also to do so. 
He further made the ‘Chakri’  

the symbol of Nationalist movement. He collected large sums of money to create a grass-roots organization to encourage handloom weaving. This was called ‘Khadi movement’. Today a total of 4,60,000 people are employed in industries making Khadi products. It has become a fashion statement today. 
Mahatma Gandhi is an inspiration for me and all of us for his with an extraordinary will to live his life according to the principles of truth. He is a role model for the new generation.
Today khadi is a big brand and India’s pride

Arnav VI AAshi Jain V BDrishti VI AGayatri V BGeet Sethi V AKhushi III CRoshita IV BSanya Chaurdhry IV C

Vedita Rai V A






Dear Readers,
We are back to school after the long and relaxing vacations. We see the arrival of the month of July with the arrival of MONSOONS which are a respite from the scorching heat of the summers. It is also the season of MANGOES and other yummy dishes. The eleventh day of the month is also celebrated as CHOCOLATE day.
So this month, C2 is looking out for the Best Chef in the school, so don your chef hats and send us write-ups on the following topic:


For classes 3rd to 9th
Write the recipe of your favourite dish which you relish.
It can be your favourite Chocolate or mango cake recipe,  cookies or any other dish which you  like. You can also write about your state’s speciality made with the above mentioned ingredients.

We also welcome sketches/self-composed poems/articles on any topic of your choice for ‘MY CREATIVE CORNER.’ ALL ENTERIES TO REACH US BY 15th of July 2018 at

With the arrival of July
Arrives, the


But it’s not only the monsoon season It is also the season of  the king of fruits  

Rather the eleventh day of the month is also celebrated as

Hello Readers!
This month we are back with some fun write ups by the children. July is a respite from the scorching heat of the summers. With the Monsoons arriving the umbrellas are out. Children enjoy when they experience and feel the first shower spell of the
 monsoon rains. The children also relish their favorite fruit MangoNot to miss out the celebration of Chocolate Day on the 11th of the month. So let’s see what our children have to share on these topics. But before that C2 wants to share some important facts about monsoons, mangoes and chocolates too.

Interesting Monsoon Facts:-

1. India often experiences the most dramatic monsoons in the world. The 2005 monsoon was very strong that over 1,100    lives were lost!
2. There are nearly 500,000 lightning strikes during a monsoon.
3. The name ‘monsoon’ is believed to be derived from the Arabic word ‘mausim‘. Mausim means a shift in season or wind.
4. Arizona receives 31.5% of its total annual rainfall during a monsoon
5. In several parts of the world, life depends on the monsoon rains. When the monsoon doesn’t occur in these places, it can result in extensive famine and death of both humans and animals.
6. In India, during the monsoon period, it is common to see a mouse on the back of the frog. They normally do this to escape the floodwaters.
7. In Arizona, during the monsoon season, it is also common to see a wall of dust which reaches hundreds of feet in the air.
8. Monsoon period officially ends on September 30th every year.
9. In the US, New Mexico, Southwest Texas and Arizona are all regions with a monsoon season from June 15th to September 30th every year.
10. In Europe, they typically refer the monsoon system as the ‘Return of the Westerlies’.

Interesting facts about Mangoes:-

1. More fresh mangoes are eaten around the world every day than any other fruit.
2. They were first grown in India over 5,000 years ago. In fact, the paisley pattern which was first developed there, is based on the shape of a mango.
3. It is believed that Buddha meditated under the cool shade of a mango tree.
4. Mango comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors including yellow, orange, red and green.
5. The vitamin content of mango depends on the variety and maturity of the fruit. When a mango is green and still growing there is a high vitamin C content, as the fruit ripens and matures the amount of vitamin A increases.
6. Giving someone a basket of mangoes is considered a gesture of friendship.
7. The mango tree plays a sacred role in India; it’s a symbol of love and some believe that they can even grant wishes.
8. The oldest living mango tree is 300 years old and is found in East Khandesh. Surprisingly, this tree still produces viable fruit!
9. Mangos are related to cashews and pistachios. Can you see the resemblance?
10. Mango leaves are often used at weddings to ensure the couple bear plenty of children.

Interesting facts about Chocolates:- 
1.It is a Powerful Mental Stimulant 
2. White Chocolate is Not Real Chocolate 
3. Chocolate Was Used to Make Alcohol 
4. Solid Chocolate Was Invented in Britain 
5. Chocolate Can Lower Body Fat Levels . 
6.It Can Improve Your Memory 
7. Chocolate Has a Unique Melting Point

Some Health Tips & Precautions to be taken during Monsoons:
The monsoons are a welcome change from the sweltering summer heat, but they bring some very unwelcome guests which must be avoided at all costs.

We’ve all heard this before – to stay healthy and happy in the monsoons, we must take precautions during rainy season. And we’re not just talking about staying away from water logged areas or eating street food. We’re talking about overall health tips for rainy season which can make the weather even more enjoyable.
Some here are some Essential Monsoon Health Tips to Safeguard You This Monsoon:

⇒ Follow a healthy diet

  • This is the season where the body and especially the digestive system are most prone to infections.
  • Diseases in the rainy season are mostly water-borne so make sure you only drink water that is     filtered or boiled.
  • It is also important to maintain a healthy diet in rainy season, which means that your favourite chaat, juices, golas,  kulfis and other street food are off the menu.
  • Preferably avoid raw vegetables and salads unless they are consumed at home where you can wash and clean them thoroughly.

⇒ Drink enough water, regardless of your activity levels

  • Do not compensate your liquid intake with carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks and beverages as the preservatives and sugars in them act as diuretics. 
  • Herbal teas with antibacterial properties are a good idea.

⇒ Avoid walking in the rain

  • As much as it is tempting, walking in rain water makes you prone to a host of viral diseases such as leptospirosis and can also cause numerous fungal infections on the feet and nails.
  • Also, if your feet get wet, dry them immediately and do not stay in wet socks or shoes.
  • Diabetics especially must take extra care and avoid walking barefoot as the ground is rife with all kinds of germs.
  • If your clothes get wet, do not sit in an AC environment or change them immediately.
  • Keeping and carrying an extra pair of clothes and footwear  in your bag is a good idea.

⇒ Keep clear of damp indoors

  • Damp walls are home to fungus growth and an absolute no-no if you suffer from asthma or any other breathing problems.

⇒ Don’t leave home without a mosquito repellent:

  • Accumulated water is a breeding ground for insects and the monsoons are party time for malaria.
  • Always wear or carry a mosquito repellent.
  • The over cautious can take a dose of anti-malaria drugs.

⇒ Bathe twice a day.

  • A shower as soon as you reach home in the evening will insulate you against infections caused by the build-up of sweat and dirt due to humidity.
  • Take Vitamin C to boost your immunity.

⇒ Avoid touching your eyes:

  • Eye infections like conjunctivitis, stye, dry eyes and corneal ulcers are common during the monsoons.
  • This can lead to blindness if ignored. Refrain from touching eyes especially with dirty hands. Those who spend long hours in front of a screen – television or computer – may also experience redness, itching or irritation.
  • Consult a doctor immediately.

So dear readers take care and enjoy all the mouth watering mango and chocolate dishes you can lay your hands on.


Oh mother!
The most precious person in this world
But as ferocious as Lion; 
Scolds a lot
But for your own good- luck pot;
Struggled a lot to give a life you can cuddle;
Gives whatever you want;
But only after thinking whether it is good or not.
Oh mother!
You gave me so much love 
To make me a good person;
You work hard day and night
To make me a ferocious knight; 
You gave me good guidance 
So that I don’t take wrong decisions anytime.                          
Oh mother! 
The kind of love you’ve showered on me; 
Made me realise how much you care for me.                           
Oh mother!
You are the most beautiful women,
Whom I love! 

Anjni Gupta X-B


                             MONSOON SEASON 

After the burning sun, dark and gloomy skies and pitter-patter of rain drops are a welcome change. After the scorching and relentless heat of the summer the aroma of rain in the air brings us back to life.  Monsoon also comes with cravings for delicious, healthy, hot food, hot beverages, samosa, pakora etc. Corn are the best part of rainy season and they make us love these days. Sitting at home, listening to the pitter-patter with family and eating our favourite food, what can be a better time than this? Today I am sharing our family’s one of the favourite food during this season.
1. 1 and a 1/2 cup suji
2. 1 cup curd
3. corn kernels 1/2 cup
4. 1 inch ginger [ grated ]
5. Finely chopped vegetables of your choice [ onions, capsicum, one grated carrot, green chillies]
6. Enough water to make a thick paste
7. 1 teaspoon baking powder
8. Salt and pepper to taste.
7. Oil for frying
Take suji, curd, salt, baking powder and pepper in a bowl and mix, add enough water to make a thick batter. Keep aside for 1 hour till the suji swells and becomes soft.
Now add all the vegetables/ corn etc.
Mix well.
Heat oil in a deep wok.
Put the flame on medium.
Drop the batter with a spoon in little quantities to make small balls. Fry till golden brown.
 Serve hot with your favourite chutney and masala tea.





Rain This Month
-By Avni Gupta, IX-D
Some of us laugh, in the rain this month,
As dust gives way to a clearer front.
And drenched as we are, our smiles are wide,
Now why would we wish to stay inside?
These are the days of muddy clothes and showers,
Of dancing in the fields, amongst the flowers.

Some of us cry, in the rain this month,
And hope pain gives way to a clearer front.
No, in this poem, I cannot lie,
Life is not always rainbows and smiles.
We hope the rain washes away our despair,
And gives the strength our hearts need to repair.

Some of us kick back and relax this month,
And watch the world give way to a clearer front.
Sitting by the window, we listen to the song
Sung by the raindrops, all day long.
We allow peace to consume our mind
And see what memories and dreams we can find.

United by monsoon, we are this month.
As dust gives way to a clearer front.





Chocolates  are  loved  by  children  and  adults .Chocolates  are  made  all  over  the  wrold .My  favourite  chocolates  are  KIT  KAT .There  are  many  diffrent  brands of  chocolates .Chocolates  can  be   put  in  many  sweet dishes like cakes ,ice -cream , etc.
Too much  chocolates  are  bad   for  our  teeth. There  are  many  kinds  of  chocolates  like Dark  chocolate, White  chocolate  and Milk  chocolate and Bitter  chocolate .Chocolates are  made  out  of  cocoa  beans  which  grow  on  trees. In  India  it  is  mainly cultivated   in  Karnataka, Kerala  and   Tamil   Nadu. Many    people  give  chocolates  as gifts.
                      NEIL -4 –A









Hello Readers here comes the fifth month of the year again and that’s….

The moment this month is here again…..that’s May
It reminds the children only of one day…. that’s Mothers day
Children say that Mothers look after them with tender care
And whenever they want, she is always there
They say their mother makes good things to eat
And sometimes even give them candies for a treat
 The children feel, it’s not only this
In fact there’s much more to their bliss
Children want to celebrate this unique day
With a lot of enthusiasm and in a special way
They want to shout and say

East or West 
My mother is the best

Mothers Day is celebrated every year with a lot of enthusiasm. It is a celebration to honor the lovely mothers, to pay respect to the maternal bond and also to express the influence mothers have on our society. Mothers Day is not only about presenting bouquets of flowers or giving gifts and cards to them to prove that they have fulfilled their obligation. The expression of love of the children for their mothers is much more than that. If we only comprehend a tenth of what mothers do for their children and how they would literally do anything and go to any extent for them if needed, we would realize that a  day is not sufficient to honor them. The mother child relationship is sacred to the Bloomians. So our children want to honour their mothers by expressing their love for them in various ways. 
So dear readers…..this month our edition is dedicated to all the great mothers. Let’s see how our children express their love for their mothers….it will be like a treat when  mothers realize how their loved ones  have expressed their feelings for them.


C2 Celebrates…….Mothers’ Day

Dear children C2 wants to dedicate the month of May for the celebration of Mothers Day, so don your thinking hat and send us your write-ups on: MOTHERS

For Classes 6th to 9th.......

Definition of a ‘MOTHER’ and how she has influenced your life.


For classes 3rd to 5th

Draw and write a jingle or slogan about your Mother.

We also welcome sketches/self-composed poem/articles on any topic of your choice for ‘MY CREATIVE CORNER.’

A very happy mothers day to all. I absolutely love my mother very much. She is the key to my happy life. She is very funny  and enthusiastic and even though she is not that adventurous she still loves to watch movies with us.  I hope that on this special day she is blessed with sunshine, smiles, laughter, love, and happiness. I love her. A mother is one who understands the things we say and always overlooks our faults and sees the best in us. A mother is one whose special love inspires us day after day and who fills our heart with gladness in warm and thoughtful ways.  Mom is like a friend to you. She is also one of my first teachers. God has given me the most wonderful mother. All the mothers in the world have the treasure of a pure loving heart. The most precious thing in the whole wide world! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO MY MOTHER AND ALL THE LOVELY MOTHERS OUT THERE!
(Yamini Iyer - VIIIth B)

May I take a moment just to say
Our mothers are our guiding lights, every day.
Their love, an oasis, in the desert's heat;
Heart, a sanctuary, peaceful and sweet.
Every one of us, in chorus we should say,
Remember, each day, is MOTHERS' day!

Definition of a Mother and How She Has Influenced My Life:
A mother is an irreplaceable figure in one’s life. She is the one who knows the best about her children. A Mother is always patient, organized and calm. She can do anything for her children.

In my experience, my mom can do anything for me. She helps me with my homework  and especially with Mathematics. The things which just seem impossible for me, my mom does it instantly and often tells me that nothing is impossible in life. We ‘can’ and ‘should’ do what we want to. 

She has influenced my life in a great way. She has always told me not to be scared of anything or anyone. We have to be firm and always happy with whatever decisions we make in our lives. We should never be afraid to express our thoughts, feelings or ideas…

 A mother, can she be defined? Can a word describe her diverse personality? I say, “NO”. I believe that I don’t have the right to judge her, because, she is one such person who is probably the closest to one’s heart. She, the one who faces endless number of challenges to bring us up , deserves to be given all the respect. She definitely deserves to get all the comforts. There are innumerable words, but, they are still not enough to describe her, because, she is different! She is totally a distinct character in the lives of people, having her own shades of black and grey . Every mother is different in her own style. Even my mom is, is distinct. She loves to get lost in her own world of music. She tries to find her happiness in her family and most importantly ‘Music’, her passion and second world! But, I like her the way she is. She is probably the only one with whom I share all my experiences and my feelings! In other words, she is my ‘WORLD’!
(Shinjini Sen - VIII A)

The second Sunday of May every year, is a very important day. A day to respect and celebrate our unsung heroes, who have nurtured, raised and protected us. I am not talking about our armed forces, but the soldiers at our homes- our mothers!The most important person in our life is a mother. She is the one because of whom I actually exist. So here is how I tried to show my appreciation for her.

On this day I didn’t allow her to worry about me getting up, brushing my teeth, taking a bath or even preparing for my guitar lessons. I infact made my bed & kept everything in its proper place.
I think I made her day by giving her the flowers she likes the most- red roses and white carnations. Then we went to eat outside at a restaurant where we gave her chocolates. After we returned home, a package containing a fancy cup and a cushion with “mom comments” was couriered from Budapest to her by my sister. That is how I think me and my sister made her day special for her.

I guess that it is not the fancy things that makes your mothers happy, it is the love and respect you give them. So, this mother’s day, you don’t need to buy her something, but can give everything she wants by listening to her.

Happy Mother’s Day
A mother is everyone’s best friend because she takes care of everything we need. So, to say thanks and give  respect to her, a day of the year has been dedicated to the mothers and is celebrated as Mother’s Day every year. We cannot live without our mothers and her caring love. She cares for us so much. She becomes happy when we laugh, and she becomes sad when we weep. She is the only one in this world who can never leaves us alone. She is fully devoted to us like no one else in the whole world. 
A mother has lots of responsibilities and she does them all continuously without getting tired. She is the one whose job is unlimited. We cannot give her anything in return but we all can thank her and give lots of respects and care to her. We should always love and care for our mothers and obey all her orders.
Immanuel - IXth C


A mother is someone who is our inspiration throughout our lives. A mother is-
M- Magnificent
O- Outstanding
T- Tender 
H- Humble 
E- Extraordinary
R - Remarkable
My mother has been an inspiration for me. Every moment good or bad she is the one who has always been
with me. My mother is my first teacher. She has always taught me how to respect others, be compassionate
and a good human being. She has always told me that what is good and what is bad. Whenever I feel
de-motivated, she has always motivated me. She works day and night taking care of all of us and not thinking
about herself. She always wants to see her children happy. A mother’s efforts are unmatched and cannot
be measured. We should not ignore and  disrespect a mother’s efforts. We should always respect our mother
and the efforts made by her. So, this mother’s day I will do something special for my mother and will try and
keep her happy the whole year. 
Advait - VIIIth B

We spoke to a few students to inquire about their resolutions so here we have some interesting ones!!!!!


The month of April is here again

New session, new goals, new books, everything new again

The students are relaxed and gay

They feel that life at this time is a super game.

Most of the students bring a revolution

By making new resolutions

They wish for the year ahead to be great

And so welcome April with good fate.

Hello Readers!

April is welcomed by the students with great enthusiasm. The foremost reason being that exams are finally over and thus no stress. Moreover the students are excited about new classes, new books, new friends and so many other new beginnings. Some make resolutions to perform better, to behave better,  to eat healthy and many other new things they  resolve to do.

It is a month of the New session and New resolutions. But how can we forget that it is also the month of Spring  It is the favorite season of many and is also called ‘The Queen of Seasons’. It is the time of  year when the earth looks beautiful and charming………trees put forth new leaves, colourful flowers bloom, bees are  hovering from flower to flower  and  colourful butterflies fluttering about.

This month, our edition is dedicated to new resolutions  and celebrations of ‘The Spring Season’. So let’s see what our children have in store.

We are also pleased to inform that an exclusive corner has been allocated for any article or poem that the Students want to contribute. We eagerly await your views on the current edition of the C2 at


This is what Tanmay   has to say....

Resolution For A New Session

Yayyy!!! New sesion has started and I can’t wait to get to know my new classmates and new teachers. I am pretty sure it’s gonna be a fantastic session and an awesome year. However new session doesn’t only mean fun for me. It means hardwork, focus and getting better and better at everything I do. I properly can’t remember, but I had made some resolutions before the session started. I think they were:

  1. To focus on academics and try to get the best marks.
  1.  Get better at sports.
  1. Taking participation in competitions and try to come First!
  1. Help those who need help.
  1. Leave a Good impression.
  1. Improve my bad qualities.

And last But Not Least:


With improving everything, I think masti should be also improved as masti is also a very important part of a student’s life. These are the resolutions that I have shortlisted but, the one that I will help not only me but also others will be:

Full focus on academics and try to get the best marks.

I think this will not only help me but it will help others as well as if people are having trouble understanding sometimes, then I can be there to help them so that they can excel and not have difficulties. Other than that I think sports is one of them to that I will try to improve also the most for my phsical self.

Therefore, I pledge that I will get better at everything and “I will beat the Best to be The Best”.

By, Tanmay Gupta
Class- 8th B


The team wishes all the best to Avni and Raunak for their endeavours.......both want to themselves.......they want to become better speakers.......

A New Session's Resolution

I have wanted to speak up, but held back still.
Now, other people shall hear what I say.
I lay bare my thoughts using poetry's quill,
Watch, as my words ring clear as day.
It has always been hard for me to speak up; I've always been quite shy and was never one to voice my thoughts. Recently, I've slowly started overcoming this obstacle.
Speaking up has become easier and I feel way more confident than ever before. My Resolution is to continue on my path and interact more, participate in group discussions
when I can, and become truly outspoken and social with others.
How does one bask in daylight's glory,
Cooped up in an isolated den?
No other shall write the words to your story,
It is up to you, to pick up that pen.
Everyone appreciates a quiet listener, but being a speaker is equally important. I encourage anyone out there who struggles to speak up in public, to try, try and try,
and learn to voice themselves too. Take baby steps, and remember, it will be worth it to have others hear your long-silenced voice.



Resolution is what we take when we want to change something. My resolution this year is to improve my speaking skills, become more capable of doing things and guiding others and the most important thing excel in academics. Often people are misguided or follow the wrong path. This leads to their failure. I would never want something like this to happen with me. This is the reason for my taking resolutions. People often take a resolution and forget about it, but I want to make sure that I do what I say. As the saying goes try and try but never cry. One should never leave the hope of succeeding in life.



My Resolution For This New Session (2018-19)

This is what Gayatri of 9th class has to share about her love for music.........







My Resolutions For This New Session (2018-19)

This new session, I have decided to fix many  aspects that mainly revolve around my social life and education. As last year was not one of my best academic years, I would like to improve my grades and prove to everyone that I am capable of doing much better. Knowing that math is one of my weak points, I have started working towards enhancing my mathematical knowledge and skills. I hope that this session I can prove to all my teachers, fellow peers and parents that I am capable of a fair number of things. 

Also, this session, I would like to cut off all ties with negative commodities. I want 2018 to be filled with happiness and positivity. I believe that this can only be achieved if I let go off all the things that are holding me back. This probably includes a selective number of people, and certain dreadful thoughts and worries that prevent me from reaching my full potential. I am yet to stumble upon an effective method  of doing this, but hopefully, I will uncover the secrets of positive vibes and ultimate tranquillity.

And last, but definitely not the least, this session, I want to focus on music. Music is one of my favourite things in the entire world, and singing is a passion of mine. I hope that I can find the time and dedication to work towards obtaining recognition and success when it comes to music. I have already set future plans to take part in several high-end competitions that will help me procure my dream of working in the music industry. 


Lets read what Anahat.......Siya........ Arsal....... Bhavya  have to share with us..........for  this session......................

Hello readers, I am a 13 year old happy girl !( well almost 13 ! ) I am told by many  that resolutions tend to get broken .. so here I begin with sharing my first resolution - I will uphold and fulfill my resolutions for the year 2018 !(Amen!).Further on I resolve to make a conscious effort to show more ‘gratitude ‘ towards my friends , my family and the almighty for everything that I am blessed with.For this I will write ten things that I am grateful for, for the next 365 days ! I also aim to eat well and exercise enough to attain a healthier body and mind. I am going to take up tutorials in pursuit of my passion for baking..( and maybe share yummy cakes and cookies baked by me with some of you !).Last but not the least , I will aim to remain my positive self and learn to see the best in every person and situation . Let me now share with you an affirmation that I intend to say out loud each day, which will help me achieve all that I have resolved for.
   I am a happy being
   I love myself
                                                  I am grateful for all that I have
                                                  The universe works for me

ANAHAT DUGGAL-8-A                                                   

"Every academic session we students set goals, make resolutions for a better, productive year. Just like any other student, I too made a resolution---To improve my grades, I decided not to mug-up the answers, understand the concept being explained and frame the answers in my own words.

Cramming is often perceived by students as a solution to those super-lengthy answers which cannot be memorized by them. The truth is that you are learning  a bunch of words whose meaning you don't really understand. This defeats the purpose of exams, which are actually there to test the level of understanding and not the similarity between your answers and bookish-language

Overall, this is something I've realized. I think all students must apprehend that cramming answers doesn't prove to be healthy in the longer run. I myself would try my best to work on it .

Siya Kumar 

My resolutions for the new session

Like everyone else, I too have some resolutions for my new session in class 8th . In this session, I want to become more disciplined. I will also try to get maximum attendance and take less leaves. I’ll study harder as in the next session, 9th, studies become very hard and I want to be prepared. I’ll also try not to take help from others and do projects by myself. I’ll also try to improve my  and writing. I’ll also try to be more attentive in class. I’ll also improve my response in class. Out of all of these resolutions, my main resolution is to improve my overall personality.



Resolution is a topic we always think about during the time we are About to sleep which is sometimes during the day – which is day dreaming or at the time of the New Years eve when the whole world is thinking about something which they would abide by for the whole year.  However, we are aware that these resolutions are being broken by the same individual who showcases the determination to have a strong resolution. Resolution is nothing but a promise to us that we would not follow the bad or the shortest road to success or will not say anything bad against anyone. As per my thoughts and belief, making a resolution is good as we give ourselves a chance to avoid making any mistakes in future. It also gives us a chance to interact with our inner selves and take a break from the technology and the world. If we make a resolution we can acquire the quality of being determined and standing strong always. I think making a resolution is a good habit - its like is a firm decision. Resolution helps us to showcase our decisions and adhering to the same helps us convey our strong character to the whole world. I admit that many a times, I have made a esolution and broken it, but, that doesn’t mean that I would stop my belief in creating one for myself.  A day would come when with the growing age and maturity, even I would learn to abide by my esolutions that I would make for my betterment and happiness of my loved ones.



Mehak too seems to be passionate about music......


The New Academic Session has begun and all the students are excited for it, including me…new class, new books and new teachers, there’s lots to do. This year was the same for some students, but not me. This time, I along with some other students initiated something new. I would set a goal for myself and try to reach it by the end of the year. If I complete it, I would call it an accomplishment.

I decided to set my goal for Music. I have always wanted to excel in Music and become a music producer. So, I decided to give the “ROCK SCHOOL” guitar exam and be able to create my own tunes. I would take out some time every day from my busy schedule and practice guitar. This would help me to reach my goal of becoming a famous guitarist and a Music Producer.                                                      

BY- Mehak Sehgal , Class- 8-B                                                                            





Yamini.......Advait......Kunal......also shared their views........

Hi! I am Yamini Iyer from class 8-B. My eighth grade just started on 2nd April and on my first day in school, I made a resolution that in eighth grade I will try my best to get good grades, and  will also  try to study well for my exams,  so that I do not face difficulty during my exams. I will try not to take it lightly and work as hard as possible. Have you ever heard  the saying "if you aim for the sky at least you will reach the ninth cloud"? Well, I believe that if you aim for the sky and work hard enough, you will reach there. I sincerely hope that by implementing a better time management system I will definitely reach my goal and achieve it all.



What does Advait and Kunal have to say............................................


Resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. I have made a few resolutions for this new year. My resolutions are-

We make resolutions every year but we soon break them. So my first resolution is not to break my resolutions but to follow them.

I want to get healthier by making the right balance in my life style for example eating healthy food- ‘junking the junk’.Playing more than one sport, walking instead of taking a car ride to school and learning yoga on weekends for a healthy body, mind and soul.

 Right now we all are in a gas burner which starts from pre-nursery and just goes on in different kinds of pressure cookers or grills. And sometimes you get burnt out so it is important to make a resolution to boost your self-esteem    and do things that you love to do [ even when you are on a gas burner] to be happier and also to keep the fire in you alive and going.


Volunteering for a cause and helping friends, family or anybody in need


Demonstrate confidence and leadership by being positive, calm and happy and strive for bigger and better objectives.

By making and following resolutions we can inoculate good habits. By following our resolutions, which is a sort of penance can take us to the zenith of name and fame and also help us to become a better human being.




Every day of our lives, we wake up to the only constant in this universe -  change! Even the time of sunrise changes from day to day, temperatures change, the flight patterns of birds change, sounds of nature change, yet, we continue to be repetitive in our doings. When the New Year was fast approaching, I found my friends and family discussing amongst themselves as to what their New Year Resolution would be. So,out of curiosity, I googled "New Year Resolution” and I came up with the following definition "A New Year's resolution is a tradition in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behaviour, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life."

This got me thinking. What is it that I want to change? I started thinking on various issues that have made people around me unhappy from time to time. Was it that I talk too much or should it be related to my love for junk food? Or was there anything else that was truly undesirable? I kept pondering hard over days on end. At times I would seek advice from my mother and my sister. They came up with a lot of suggestions - exercise regularly, lose weight, don't talk too much, stop playing with your mobile phone, watch less TV, reduce intake of junk food, be regular for your guitar practice, organise yourself, make best use of your time, stop being careless and so on and so forth were the most common phrases that I got to hear. This got me thinking further. Do I really have so many traits that are undesirable? What is that root cause of all these problems?

After racking my brains a lot, I finally came to the conclusion that all my undesirable traits were closely connected to one particular trait. If I addressed that I would be able to bring about a change in myself which would not only be beneficial to me but also to my family and friends. I realised that carelessness on my part in every activity was the trait which in turn led to all other problems. I finally had come up with my New Year Resolution! My New Year Resolution thus was to be more careful in all my activities and overcome my habit of making careless mistakes.

To achieve this aim, I have decided to be more patient in my work and pay attention to minute details. I resolved not to make the mistake of not paying attention to my school work and exams. I must also not make the mistake of neglecting my diet, exercise, health and guitar lessons. I must also make it a habit to listen more than I talk. I must not be careless about time. I can always make up more time if I do my chores in an energetic manner rather than dawdling over them. I must not be careless about wasting time. It is well known that time and tide waits for none. I am sure that if I make an honest effort to get over my carelessness, I will become a much better citizen of this country, a model student and a responsible member of my family. I am confident that this will also endear me to my friends who will have greater trust in me than before. Therefore, I must also align myself to the universal constant and change!



So, readers we are sure that you must have enjoyed reading the determined endeavours of Bloomians.

The editorial team aslo has a few tips for the new session!!!!!!!!!!!!







Now it’s the turn of our little ones........Lets see how they have expressed their thoughts on Spring Season





Best Regards,

Editorial Team




With the arrival of March, Arrives, the examination time. You will see the kids with a book in their hand

Feeling that life at this time is super bland! Some are scared, while some are cool

Those unprepared are afraid to be ridiculed. All wish for these days to fly, And to bid March, a big good-bye!!!



Hello Readers!

Well, the most anticipated time of school life is always the final EXAMS!! It can be a stressful phase if one hasn’t prepared well and on the contrary, a cakewalk when one is fully prepped up.

This month, our edition is dedicated to examination time and we bring you smart strategies that will help you crack the toughest of tests. But before that, here is something to pep you up from the editorial team!!




We bring you some tips that can help you sail through the exam time smoothly.

Make a Time-table

Prepare a time-table at home to complete each subject thoroughly. Devote more time to those areas where you need more practice.

Review often

Revise and review what you have studies earlier. This will also prevent you from cramming and trying to learn all the notes you have days before the exam. Reviewing often helps you to be prepared for any test at any time.

Understanding is the key

Some students try to memorize everything they read without trying to understand.  If you study to understand you can answer any question on a particular topic. Once you understand a concept you can explain it very well.

Take breaks

Breaks are important during study session because it helps you to retain information better. Studying for prolong period will make you feel overwhelm and you will feel tired and exhausted. Feeding the brain too much information will cause congestion. Give your brain time to absorb new materials.  You can study for thirty minutes and then take a break for 10 minutes.

Test yourself

Testing yourself can help you to see if you understand the information. It will help to gauge which area you need to focus on more. Sometimes you think you know the concept but when you try to answer a question you find it challenging. Testing yourself help you to understand your topic very good. You can use old question papers.

Take care of yourself

You should always eat right and get sufficient sleep. Students tend to disrupt their sleeping schedule during the examination period. They also neglect their diet. You will retain more information in a healthy state so eat well and get good rest when you are studying for an exam. You should get at least 8 hours of sleep. Eat food that will enhance brain power such as fruits, fish, berries, egg, and broccoli.

Remain Positive

Sometimes, in spite of knowing everything, you will feel that you’re completely blank. Stay calm, positive and tell yourself that ‘I have prepared well and will be able to answer everything correctly.’ Giving oneself a pep-up talk helps to ease the mind.

We are very sure that you all will do amazingly well in the Final Exams. Here’s wishing you lots of luck for the forthcoming exams.


Best Regards,                                          

Editorial Team


January embodies everything crisp and new, Just like a whiff of fresh air, The current edition reflects students’  Writing skills and painting flair. 




Time for yet another exciting edition from the Editorial Team. Well, we had the young writers from the primary wing, writing about their favourite ‘Harvest Festival’. Students from the middle school shared their views about India. We also had Vedika Rai sending in her beautiful paintings for the ‘My Creative Corner.’ Do drop in a mail to tell us about the current edition at

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