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Dear Readers,

The month of SEPTEMBER reminds us of one important day and that’s 5th September which is celebrated as TEACHERS DAY all over India.  So please put in your best efforts to express your emotions and thoughts for your teachers in any way you want. 

For classes Prep to 5thth

Write an Acrostic poem for your favourite teacher?

For Classes 6th to 9th

How do you think the role of a teacher has changed over the years?

Do you think Computers/Artificial Intelligence can replace teachers?

We also welcome sketches/self-composed poems/articles on any topic of your choice for ‘MY CREATIVE CORNER.’

ALL ENTRIES TO REACH US BY 10th of September 2019 at

Teachers are dedicated towards education Not only because it is their passion But also for children’s liberation.

They are sincere, kind and have warm feelings They guide and protect us under their wings. They instruct, encourage and make us believe

That there’s nothing in life we cannot achieve. They never think about their future and time They work to protect us from conflicts and crime So it’s time for all of us to get together And wish and say 

5th of September is the birth anniversary of our late President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan whose birthday is celebrated as Teachers’ day to respect teachers all over India. He was very fond of the teaching profession. ...Teachers’ day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by the students..

Students all across the country observe this day to pay respect to their teachers. It is truly said that teachers are the back bone of our society. They play a great role in building up the characters of students and shaping them to become ideal citizens of India.

It is rightly said:

“A Teacher can open the door,

But you must enter by yourself”

 ‘The role of teachers is of facilitating, inspiring, storytelling, empowering and really seeing the classroom as a team of young individuals, as well as orchestrating the energy in a group. The role of the teacher is extremely important. The role of the teacher cannot be replaced with the rise of technology.

The teacher is needed to assist and inspire their students, helping them to come to terms with what they are passionate about, discover what goals they want to achieve and to help them realize those aspirations. It also means that the teacher should neither be a passive participant, only facilitating the lessons, nor leading and dominating the conversation.

S0,dear readers, lets  now go through  how our children have expressed their love and respect for their teachers.

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Best Regards,

 Editorial Team

Questions for the Survey


Dear Readers,

The month of AUGUST commemorates the struggle for an Independent India. We can never forget the day -15th August 1947-the day India got its independence.  So this month will be dedicated to the celebration of India’s 73rd Independence day.

Gear up your freedom spirit this month as C2 is looking out for the Best Poet and the Best Patriotic Person in the school.

For classes Prep to 5th
Write a self composed patriotic poem on your pride of being an Indian.


For classes 6th to 9th
 1.What does independence mean to you----Is it only patriotism or some other  factors according to you. Give your comments on it.

We also welcome sketches/self-composed poems/articles on any topic of your choice for ‘MY CREATIVE CORNER.’

ALL ENTRIES TO REACH US BY 15th of August 2019 at

Indians gather around to celebrate
On this Independence Day
With flags and colours to decorate.


As the children run and play
With patriotism in the air
The Flag we own is proudly flown
To show how much we care.

With the arrival of the month of AUGUST we are reminded of the endurance of great martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country. Independence Day is an auspicious occasion for all Indians. August 15 is the most important day in the history of India. It is the day when we got freedom from the British rule after many years of hard struggle by the great freedom fighters of India.


Let’s not take our Independence for granted……

Let’s Do Our Bit To make India A Better Place…..

Legacy To Live For And Legacy To Die For…..

C2 wishes everyone a Happy 73rd Independence day. Here’s a small glimpse of the celebrations of Independence day in India.

So dear readers, take pride in being an Indian and read how our students have expressed their love for a liberated and developed India.




Dear Readers,

We are back to school after the long and relaxing vacations. We will soon see the arrival of the MONSOONS and many beautiful coloured umbrellas around. Monsoons will be a respite from the scorching heat of the summers. It is also the season of MANGOES and ICECREAMS and other yummy dishes. The eleventh day of the month is also celebrated as WORLD POPULATION DAY.

So this month, C2 is looking out for the Best Write ups in the school, so do send us write-ups on the following topic:

For classes Prep to Class-3: Draw or express on any topic of your choice

  • King of fruits-MANGO
  • The Monsoon season      

For Class-4-Class-7: Be Creative

  • Write an Acrostic Poem on Mango or Monsoon

For Class-8-Class-9: Creative Writing

  • Population-A Boon or a Bane
  • ?What according to you is the future of our country in the present scenario of growing population?

We also welcome sketches/self-composed poems/articles on any topic of your choice for ‘MY CREATIVE CORNER.’

ALL ENTERIES TO REACH US BY 15th of July 2019 at

With July

Arrives, the Monsoon

But it’s not only the monsoon season

   It is also the season of the king of fruits

Also the eleventh day of the month is celebrated as World Population Day

Hello Readers!

This month we are back with some fun write ups by the children. July is a respite from the scorching heat of May and June. When the Monsoons  arrive the umbrellas are out. Children enjoy when they experience and feel the first shower spell of the monsoon rains.

But enjoyment is always temporary. There are bigger concerns for us. The eleventh day of the month is celebrated as World Population Day. The rate at which population is increasing in our country is alarming. India has become the second largest populated country of the world and if adequate steps are not taken we might be the most populated country in the world in the coming years.  Come to think of the consequences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So let’s see what our children have to share on these topics.

But hold on. Do not miss out on the important tips for the Monsoons.

Some Health Tips & Precautions to be taken during Monsoons:

The monsoons are a welcome change from the sweltering summer heat, but they bring some very unwelcome guests which must be avoided at all costs.

We’ve all heard this before – to stay healthy and happy in the monsoons, we must take precautions during rainy season. And we’re not just talking about staying away from water logged areas or eating street food. We’re talking about overall health tips for rainy season which can make the weather even more enjoyable.

So here are some Essential Monsoon Health Tips to Safeguard You This Monsoon:

  • Follow a healthy diet.
  • Drink enough water, regardless of your activity levels.
  • Avoid walking in the rain. 
  • Keep clear of damp indoors
  • Don’t leave home without a mosquito repellent:
  • Bathe twice a day

So dear readers take care and enjoy the month with mouth-watering mangoes and other dishes you can lay your hands on.


C2 Celebrates…….Mothers’ Day

Dear children C2 wants to dedicate the month of May to Mothers Day, so don your thinking hats and send us your write-ups on:

For Classes 6th-9th.......

Definition of a ‘MOTHER’ and how she has influenced your life.


Joint Family system versus Nuclear Families


For classes 3rd to 5th

Draw and write a jingle or slogan about your Mother.

We also welcome sketches/self-composed poem/articles on any topic of your choice for ‘MY CREATIVE CORNER.’ALL ENTRIES TO REACH US BY 10th May 2019 at

The fifth month of the year reminds us of

Mom, how wonderful you are!
So gentle, but still so strong.
For me you always care
Which makes me feel that mothers like you are rare

You are patient with me in everything
You give me guidance whenever I need
It seems you can do  anything;

You're a dependable source of comfort;
And are my cushion when I fall.
You help in times of trouble;
Mother you always support me whenever I call.

I want you to know
That my love for you everyday grows 
So let me wish and celebrate more and say as loudly as I can that

East or West

Dear Readers

⇒ Mothers Day is celebrated every year with a lot of enthusiasm. It is a celebration to honor the lovely mothers, to pay respect to the maternal bond and also to express the influence mothers have on our society.

⇒ It’s not about presenting bouquets of flowers or showering gifts and cards to prove that they have fulfilled their obligation .Mothers love for their children is infinite.



⇒ So dear friends, honour your mothers by expressing your love for them in various ways.

⇒ The size of the traditional family has become smaller. The reasons are Socio- Economic  which have brought about changes in the attitude of individuals towards joint family. We now have more nuclear families. Do our children still possess those values and morals in them when they were more close to their grandparents? Do they still miss the bed time stories narrated by their grandparents? Lets hear it straight from the Bloomians.

⇒ The topic for this month for our Back to Basic Series is: “Joint Family System versus Nuclear Families”

⇒ This month our edition is dedicated to all the great mothers. Let’s see how our children express their love for their mothers….it will be like a treat when mothers realize how their loved ones have expressed their feelings for them.

⇒ We will also  go through the views of the children whether they prefer staying in a joint family system or do they prefer Nuclear families.

 Aadya I B
 Aaishwarya III B
Aaradhya Agnihotri III C
 Akshita III C
 Eshanika Kannoth III C

 Karnveer I B

 Sahana Bhanja III C
Sristhi III C
 Suhana Parveen III B
 Sukriti Gupta I A

Mom, it's not just a three letter word ;it has a lot more to it and whatever it is , it is indefinable...The sacrifices that they do for us is something we can never repay them for...If a father's hug can make us forget our problems but a mother's hug can defy all the problems...Whatever problems are going on with her or in the family she never lets us feel about it...A mother always supports us when we are right and she also tells us when we are wrong because she does not want us to repeat the same mistakes she did...A mother is our first friend,Our best friend and our forever friend...A mother's place cannot be taken by anyone but she can fulfill anybody's place...The word mother has an altogether different essence to it... Though at times  I misbehave with her a lot but at the bottom of my heart I love her a lot...Love you mom and sorry for everything...


A mother, according to me , is someone whose role cannot be defined in a few words. She plays so many roles in this humongous world, just to see those beautiful smiles on the faces of her near and dear ones, just to see them living their lives in solace. My mother ,as well ,is one such person, whom I admire the most. Yes, I know that she has sacrificed a lot of things for me. She has always stood by me, whenever needed ,she gives me the assurance that don't worry, everything will be fine. She has largely influenced my life, that too, just with her presence. Seeing her struggle and her determination to succeed in each of her tasks, she inspires to bring out the best in me, to give everything into the task assigned to me and perform it faithfully. She inspires me to thrive in this hugeandt difficult world ,to live it to the fullest!

Shinjini Sen-9B

Mother : My mother a Creator , a Sculptor .... one who tries her level best not for herself but for me , she is the one who tough me to withstand all ups and downs and bring good out of me .....what I have learnt from her is to keep shining in all odds , keep smiling , never stop never give up and hard work is key to success. Thank you

Parth Banerjee-7B

Joint family is considered bigger compared to a nuclear family because it includes grandparents, 

parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, in-laws etc.

         Advantages of joint family;-

  • Young parents will get assistance of fellow family members to raise their children
  • A kid’s interaction and attachment with their grandparents is a very special relationship. In a joint family the children will get more love and affection as well as special attachment with the grandparents.
  • In a joint family there will be less load of earning money for a particular member as the rent, water and electricity bills, payment of grocery items will/may be distributed
  • People in joint families have a lot of support in times of difficulty. There will always be a person with whom you can share your problems  and a shoulder to cry on.
  • There is a less likely chance that a family member will suffer from loneliness and depression.
  • People of joint families are easy to mingle with and may have a active social life.
  • Functions, festivals and family gatherings may be super fun and enjoyable as you can laugh and talk with your family over the celebration.
  • Members of the family sustain daily needs even if a family member loses its job
  • The family members will learn to adjust according to the situations from childhood


  • There will be more chance of conflict for sharing household chores, financial responsibility etc.
  • There will be less privacy as there are a lot family members.
  • It will be hard to make a decision as there are a lot of members and each of them have a different point of view
  • The younger family members may feel that the elder members are imposing decisions on them and they don’t have a say in them.
  • Members may feel that elders are imposing age-old beliefs which are irrelevant.

Nuclear Family
A nuclear family is a small family consisting of parents and their children.


  • There is more privacy for the children in the family
  • It is easy to convince everyone as there are less members
  • There is more gender and other types of equality in the family as there are no elders imposing age-old beliefs.
  • The children in nuclear families are more independent and free- minded and may be responsible enough.
  • These children can easily and mingle and sustain when they migrate to different places.
  • Parents can save money as there are less expenses


  • If both parents are working, it will be difficult to manage the children as well as create a bond with them and inculcate good habits.
  • The children may feel isolated and lonely.
  • Children may get spoilt and may be under the influence of bad friends and habits
  • Children may leave their parents after they start earning and may not care about them at all.


Definition : -

  1. NUCLEAR FAMILY - Parents and their minor children who live under one roof. An example of nuclear family is mom, dad and their children.
  2. JOINT FAMILY - A joint family is an extension of the nuclear family (parents and dependent children). A joint family involves much more than people living under the same roof.

NEUCLEAR FAMILY – Advantage: -

  1. Nuclear family make members of family more responsible as there are no support of Grandparents who always ready to grant helping hand.
  2. Nuclear family has less financial needs.
  3. Nuclear family has less quarrels and personal vendetta so fewer problems occur.

NUCLEAR FAMILY – Disadvantage:-

  1. Young couples face difficulties in upbringing their children.
  2. Couples don’t get a chance to learn anything from elders.
  3. Children don’t get proper love and affection from elders.
  4. Couples patience due to distance from in-laws.


  1. They learn to give and take, to be patient, cooperative, tolerant and to adjust with the other family members.
  2. Kids will have the guidance and support of grant parents. On the other hand, elderly patients get support and care of children.
  3. Joint family has more people so more support in case of Crisis.
  4. Joint family is wealthier as more earners are in place and joint family is cost effective due to shared financial responsibilities.
  5. Joint family increase affection and love between family members.
  6. Members of joint family reduce the chances of loneliness and depression.

JOINT FAMILY – Disadvantage:-

 As several members live together, there will be plenty of conflicts in sharing house hold work and financial responsibilities etc.

  1. Tough to reach a consensus because of the number of people involved.
  2. There will be less privacy for everyone in the family.
  3. Financial pressure if earning member has to support double the number of people due to lazy members of the family.

MY choice: - Both types of families have their own advantages and disadvantages. People choose to have nuclear family or joint family depending on their situation. I personally like joint family because joint family is training ground for the future generations to learn and develop skills of living in harmony with other citizens in society.


The Oxford Dictionary defines a mother as ‘a female parent or a person who cares for a child’. That is a very basic definition of a mother. In reality,the role of a mother is so much more complicated than that. The journey of a mother begins with the miracle of life. Many people believe that giving birth is the hardest thing that mothers have to do. Although this pool of thoughts has many of supporters, it doesn’t even begin to cover what challenges mothers have to overcome every day.

So, what exactly is a mother? A mother is a superhero. She feels love towards her child, fear that her child will get hurt, feels anxious for the challenges her child has to face, trusts that her child will do their best and achieve amazing things, joy of having a child, and so much more… A mother’s love is pure, it has no bounds. There is no incentive required by a mother to love her child. And due to that pure, that true love, a mother always wants what is best for her child, no matter what the situation may be. The relationship of a child and a mother is a very complex and versatile. It ranges from being an authority figure, an idol to a confidant and even a best friend.

Mothers sacrifice so much for their children every day, and almost ironically children celebrate one day, one day in the entire year, dedicated to their mothers and their motherhood. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. On this day, children honour mothers by showering them with gifts, cards, love, etc. Living in the 21st century, racing against time, it almost feels fitting that children are only able todedicate on day to their mothers. Although one day toremind mothers how much they are loved by their children doesn’t seem fair, something is better than nothing. A day completely devoted to mothers and their joy is a fantastic day to celebrate. So let’s not forget all that our mothers do for us and cherish them life immemorial.



Dear Readers,

For the month of April, C2 is looking out for Spring Celebrations and Back to Basic Series. So gear up to wield your pen and tickle your imagination buds.

 Celebrations- A must for new Beginnings
 Back to Basic Series: e-books versus real books

For Classes 6th-9th

What would you prefer-an e-book or a normal book in this digital age and Why?


For classes Prep to 5th

 Explore your imagination on The Spring Season......You may   express with  illustrations  or writing on the topic.

We also welcome sketches/self-composed poems/articles on any topic of your choice for ‘MY CREATIVE CORNER.’


Along with the welcome of Spring, C2 also welcomes its students to the new session…..

Hip, Hip Hurrah

Back to school again

Gather your pens, pencils and books

As there’s a lot of learning and fun

New Learning is always fun

So welcome April with a smile on your face.

  Hello Readers!

  • Nature works in a beautiful rhythm. We breathe continuously, the sun rises and sets, night is followed by another day, seasons come and go and so do the years. We have just completed a cycle and have started another new session. So students welcome the session with lots of new hopes and aspirations.
  •  They are excited about new classes, new books, new friends and so many other new beginnings.
  • This session we are introducing:::::
  •  “ BACK TO BASICS” series. Under it we will cover topics related to this every month.
  • E-readers and tablets are a part and parcel of Future Classrooms. Children's reading habits are deteriorating due to apps, games and social media.
  •  But research suggests that reading on paper still boasts unique advantages.
  • In this digital age, Are books or e-books preferred by our children? Let’s hear what they have to say...
  • During the month the students  welcomed Ms Olga Dimetrieva who was the coordinator for the International School Project, from our partner school in Russia.  She visited the school to interact with the students and teachers about the success of the Project
  • We are also pleased to inform that an exclusive corner has been allocated for any article or poem that the Students want to contribute. We eagerly await your views on the current edition of the C2 at

In this digital era, it is important for us to educate young minds in a such a way that they enjoy doing their work/study. Nowadays, students are more addicted to or like playing games or in that case do anything that is related to a gadget. So it becomes a great responsibility of the government, schools, parents etc. to teach the students  to learn without a computer, phone, or any other gadget. But it is too late for that. This generation has already made themselves dependent enough on technology. So it is now the responsibility of the schools and the government t teach children in a such a way that they get to learn with the technology. Technology is not that bad of an invention, it is the use we make of it. Anything more or less is harmful, we should know the right amount of its usage. So if the young generation wants to learn with technology, we should teach them in that way. 
Everything has a benefit as well as harmful effect. In the case of education with technology the benefits are:-
1. With visual representation of a concept, the child is prone to remember the concept for a longer period of time. And it also improves your long term memory 
2. With the speed of communication, any doubts or queries can be cleared with a click of a button 
3. Visuals help learners to aid better comprehension 
4. Pausing and rewinding allows learning to be flexible. 
5. The visual learner enjoys the graphics and the pictures, which develops the urge to study with pleasure and interest 
6. Makes it easy to imagine the solution 
7. Visual learning helps to see the big picture
8. It uses story telling as a method of teaching which is an effective way to master a concept/subject
9. Educational videos are the perfect self study learning tools 
10. It saves time of the faculty to draw and write notes to explain the concept 
Sometimes the precautions should be taken while educating through technology. Some of the disadvantages of visual learning are:-
1) During visual learning videos the mind usually tends to wander off 
2) Sometimes while looking at the picture, young minds miss on the small and important details 
3) Visual learning requires equipment which everybody might not have, so it is a bad method for the underprivileged 
4) Visual learning may make the learner quite and less interactive 
5) Visual learning might not be suitable for visually challenged people. It can also harm the tender eyes of small children 
6) Unsuitable visuals = unhappy learners
7) The internet is a big place, the child may get distracted while learning and surf some other websites which may be unsuitable 
8) The learner may face it hard to focus on a particular thing later on 
9) The mind and body may not be well synchronized while they grow up 
10) The child may be addicted to only learn through visual learning 

I personally would prefer e-books because first of all they are really easy to carry and  the books that we use today take up a lot of space and then there might not be enough space for another book whereas in an e-book we can download as many books as we want without it taking up any space...Secondly , the books we use today cause wastage of paper whereas on the other hand we can download e-books on our devices and read them whenever we want...This way we can read any book according to our mood without even carrying it...So we don't need to leave any of our stuff behind just to make space for a book and we get more  options of reading...Another helpful feature of an e-book is that we can extract the reference and meaning of a word to which we are not familiar...The one feature which I find similar in both is that the books can be recycled and shared with others whereas e-books can also be deleted once read to free up the space...

Even after saying that I would prefer e-books over normal books the feeling of reading a book can only be received from a normal book...
Bhavya Arya-8 B



Spring Season is the most beautiful season of the year.

Spring comes after winter.

In spring the flowers bloom at their best.

After    spring   summer    comes.

There  are    many    festivals      in    spring.

My    mother’s    birthday    comes    in     spring.

LizaNeog -3-B



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